awesome nostr(.net) - the power of great communites

I've started awesome-nostr repo in Jan 2022 as a personal bookmark project and helping the back then relatively tiny community of nostr enthusiasts collect all the interesting projects that existed in the #nostr universe. Over time it became the go-to page for people to point newbies in the space and a place where builders published their new creations.

Initially I was the one adding the majority of the projects that I came up in the telegram group or randomly stumbling upon. Soon people started submitting their own projects and projects they found which was also great because I was busy building and didn't have as much time to dedicate to nostr. But the list of projects kept growing and growing.

And then Jack happened. The repository had couple thousand visitors a day, the amount of new projects started was exploding and nostr was getting traction. All of the sudden people started submitting lots of PRs, from link curation, formatting and general improvements. One of the contributors suggested to add star counts to the links so people can see the popularity of projects. Another one submitted a PR which alphabetically ordered projects in their respective categories which made everything a bit more readable. The ideas kept coming in.

Around that time I also found some spare time to finally use one of my nostr domains and make the information available on instead of just a repository link. It was much easier to point people to it, specially normies who don't use github as a social network. With the insane rate of development and impossible task of following up on everything nostr, instead of finding and adding new projects myself, I ended mostly just reviewing PRs to the repository couple times a week. It was also a great way for me to stay updated on new projects - I checked out every project ever committed to the repo.

Since its inception the repository accumulated:

  • 203 contributors
  • 400+ projects listed
  • 2334 stars

And hopefully helped many many more discover new nostr projects. By now the nostr ecosystem is so vast that no individual can follow everything.

But as a community we manage to keep the list reasonably updated with projects and other useful links, from international communities to tutorials and recommended reading. Somehow the page even made it into the forbes article on nostr.🤯

Nostriches are awesome creatures and i'm very proud to be part of this community and maybe help it grow in a tiny way. If you haven't yet - go to and check out some of the amazing projects built on nostr!